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Re: Brannon Braga on a possible Season 5 through Netflix + More...

So much of Enterprise seems to be a case of "We wanted to do X, but were forced to compromise and do Y."

And here you are with the biggest built-in reset button, called the Temporal Cold War.

Something which could basically allow a second throw of the dice, going backwards to go forwards again... with the elements we liked kept and ones we don't, removed and reasoned as having been interference by the future.

No TCW and Klingon first contact would obviously be different.

Without Klaang to return back home, you probably end up with a different crew assigned to the NX-01 under Archer, launched at a later date. While at the same time, all of those characters still exist and can be run into again back on Earth or in service with Starfleet elsewhere.

Throw in a nagging sense of deja vu. The possibility characters vaguely remember the way history was. Trip meeting T'Pol in different circumstances, since she was never brought onboard as an observer and she's elevated to a Vulcan Ambassador. Having nightmares that Elizabeth has been killed during an attack on Earth, but waking to find a subspace communication from her.

Loads of little things (technology, history) that have unravelled, to form something different. Perhaps improved.

Want to do a run of episodes set on Earth, where Terra Prime are protesting the construction and launch of Earth's first Warp 5 ship? Then start this soft reboot with that in there.

Throw in a Future Guy appearance, who seems to have found a way to travel into the past at last to interfere directly. Then reveal who he is and kill him swiftly to prove that storyline is finally dead.

Perhaps the ultimate end to the TCW timeline lead to the slightly off 24th Century seen in "These are the Voyages", and all the acculmilated changes resulted in a Riker and Troi more likely to be among those seen on an alternative TNG Enterprise, just the week before in "Parallels".
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