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I just finished watching "Observer Effect." This episodic story takes me back to the first two seasons when they were simply explorers like TOS and TNG. And that's okay...but I just really loved the episodes "The Expanse" through "Storm Front" (basically Season 3). Really awesome if you ask me. Season far it's decent, but it's just difficult to top S3 for me.

The Vulcan trilogy wasn't one of my favorite group of episodes. I found it hard to believe that T'Pol's mother was suddenly part of the underground group. Based on what we saw from her in the episode "Home," she seemed to be the type who appreciated status and appearance over conviction, at least that's the feeling I got from her. Now just a couple of episodes later we're supposed to believe she's part of an underground movement? I found it difficult to swallow. I think it would have been better to have T'Pol's husband as one of the Vulcans working for the High Command, perhaps aim a phaser at T'Pol at some point. Ah well. But it's always great to see Jeffrey Combs, and of course Robert Foxworth (who I really enjoyed in DS9)!

It was also a nice surprise to see Brent Spiner again in his 3 episodes! That was an interesting take on Soong and the "augments."

Looking forward to the rest of the series. Hard to believe there are so few episodes left. By the way, I have no doubt I'm in the minority based on what I've read, but I actually like Jolene Blalock's portrayal of T'Pol. When I read on this board somewhere that Blalock is an "air head," I looked up one of her talk show appearances on youtube. That's not the personality I was expecting! So to me, she must have some talent since she was able to pull off a completely different persona with T'Pol. She's actually my third favorite Vulcan after Spock and Sarek.
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