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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Yeah sorry,but it had to be mentioned - although I now see your desire to fit as much as possible into the Secondary Hull.

Anyway, while I agree that Sickbay did indeed undergo various changes over the years, I don't think they were all quite as drastic as you suggest. To take the example above, Chekov's foot pedals were nowhere near the location of the flat panel:

The Obsession scene is actually filmed in McCoy's Office next door, and the flat panel is simply adjacent to door (on one side) and Spock's bed (on the other). This set plan should explain better:

(click for full size)

Incidentally - production-wise, Obsession and Deadly Years were filmed 7 episodes apart - although quite how much relevance that has will depend on how you view the series order!

Season 3 is the worst offender though, IMO. Some directors (Truth...Beauty) seemed determined to present the adjoining Sickbay rooms as completely separate!
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