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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Neither I nor anyone I know has ever used a spinning wheel, but I know what it is.
We all know what a spinning wheel is, I think it's safe to assume. How many of us here would actually know how to use one confidently? Or know, anticipate or understand with confidence the jargon skilled people might use with each other when operating one?
We're on the same mission.

T'Girl asks:
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Mister Spock. I propose our cut be put into the planetary treasury and used to guide the Iotians into a more ethical system.

Kirk and Spock in A Piece Of The Action, discussing money as if somehow they both knew exactly what it was.
... thereby proposing the false choice of either using money or being entirely ignorant of its existence, even in humanity's past. The spinning wheel is just one example that demonstrates the falsity of the choice.
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