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Re: Has star trek changed

I myself have always liked and felt passionate over GR view of our future and over time this view of the future has changed with the history and trends.

JJ,s vision is a eye opener and I'm always getting a buzz about this. I know people that I know just say that it's just a TV series that was made in the 60,s that was cheesy its make believe but to me it's a Positive and Realistic vision of our future as a human species and if we ever come into contact with ET race and there similar to us will our world change will we have a better understanding of our universe.. Who knows ???

When I watched the 1st movie it was jaw dropping good a Star Trek film that deserved to be made on a grand scale.. Only time I have had this similar feeling is when I've watched Star Trek TMP before that film we had a series that the budget was very tight but when you see and watch TMP you really get the Feel it deserved to be on the big screen and I feel that JJ has done that again in the 2009 film and hopefully with the release of STID.....
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