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Re: What if the PTB had been paying attention?

Well the concept about men being the weak link on Voyager isn't completely founded. The Doctor was probably the most consistent and competent character on the shop. Tom Paris was a virtual Mary Sue with all the random crap he can do. Pilot, field medic, starship designer, commando and random history expert. Tuvok was average, but not so much dull as he was just... another Vulcan.

Chakotay was weak. Ironic I thought he was going to be my favorite character after I watched Caretaker for the first time. He was confrontational, likable and rough around the edges, something Trek needed more of, that one episode. Then he just turned into... well a background officer. I don't know if it was Beltran's acting that was the flaw or the writing. Either way every freaking random Native American cliche thrown out there didn't help at all. Personally I just think Janeway castrated him after Caretaker to ensure his compliance with her dominance.

Harry Kim... I know what they were trying to do with him. A young ensign, fresh from the Academy, new to space exploration with parents back home that we as an audience are supposed to sympathize with and see space for the first time through him. What we got... he was just the routine complainer about wanting to get home, and he became Voyager's punching bag. DS9 did this with O'brien too, but where you felt sorry for him, Kim you just felt like laughing whenever he got screwed over yet again.
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