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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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I wish I could agree with you, Mysterion. But unless he has had an "inner voice" transplant, Xon just doesn't ring JD to me.
You may be right. However, check out this post:

Xon wrote:
I am just too much of a "purist" to enjoy their fixing-up of TOS. The series was state-of-the-art in the special effects department back in the 60's and survived for decades without anyone's intervention. The more I've watched of these "remastered" episodes the more I dislike them because of all the liberties taken. It's like George Lucas constantly changing scenes in the classic Star Wars trilogy for no freaking good reason. I want to marvel at the original decades afterwards. Some CGI splices cause serious contradictions in our Treknical nit-picking world. Hell, some are just plain un-needed flash which contradict the episode itself. For instance, the asteroid deflector beam fired from the obelisk in "The Paradise Syndrome" was stated as being a blue or green flame by Kirk's injun lover. With the redone effects, the beam being emitted is Red! We also see many ships we had never seen before, added in just to give the starscape more activity, things like a Daedalus class vessel despite it stated on-screen in "Power Play" that these ships were decommissioned around the turn of the 23rd century. Annoying crap like that. They also give us starship NCCs that contradict the classic Franz Joseph registry listings so that the holy Encyclopedia has more merit over Fandom.
At times entire ships are redesigned in CGI: the SS Aurora in "The Way to Eden" looks nothing like it did in the original. The "Doomsday Machine" itself is larger and different in approach. Klingon ships have burning impulse engines (in the Wrong location if you go by Michael McMaster's blueprints). The classic Enterprise has burning red impulse engines, suggesting they are functioning more like they did in ST-TMP which suggests an alteration in TOS technology itself. Had they been simple fusion engines, Matt Jefferies crew would have put a lamp back there, don't ya think? The Enterprise's phasers are also now constantly blue beams as though they are permanently incapable of changing the banks settings, and the more I see of the Enterprise the more CGI-ish, or Cartoony it apears to me. Never being against CGI, I always appreciated it when others were quick to point out how "fake" it looked at times, but having a long-standing love with the old Enterprise, everytime I see this thing in CGI the more I say it looks fake. The old physical model had what the CGI model didn't have: a real Physical existence. All this remaking and replacing of the classic models with computer clicks seems a great disservice to those original creators, in my opinion.

Even the name Remastered is Misleading. Re-Plastered is closer to the mark, as It implies something new being places on something old.
Now the writing style is quite a bit more calmer than JD's stuff tended to be in the past, and the punctuation and capitalization are all of a much more normal style than he used typically. But, this reads to me like something from a Dixon who finally started using prozac. Still raging against the Okuda's of the world, but in a kinder gentler manner.
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