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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Joseph Sisko also had employees working for him. Just what makes people want to be a waiter at a restaurant? O clean dishes? It's not to pay for university, save up for a car or any of that stuff. Hell, what do people who don't join Starfleet and have no science interests or aspirations do? Hell, robocops have even been built for law enforcement!
Consider this Wormhole:

"In most anarchist collectives money was abolished. 'Here in Fraga,' the local paper proclaimed in blazing pride, 'you can throw banknotes into the street and no one will take any notice. Rockefeller, if you were to come to Fraga with your entire bank account you would not be able to buy a cup of coffee. Money, your God and your servant has been abolished and the people are happy.'" - The Spanish Civil War by A. Beevor.

As for running a restaurant in a moneyless economy:

"In Barcelona the Ritz was used by the CNT and the UGT as 'Gastronomic Unit Number One' - a public canteen for all those in need...Everyone who went was supposed to have a pass from his local committee, but the guards 'refused to be bureaucratic.' Not only did few people attempt to eat twice but according to Langdon-Davies, little of the Ritz cutlery disappeared. The anarchists ascribed this to the fact that it now belonged neither to a private concern, nor to the state, the people did not steal from themselves." The Spanish Civil War by A. Beevor.

Productivity was said to have improved under anarcho-syndicalism as middle men, top-down corporate control were replaced by total workers' control, thereby reducing operating costs and improving communication and coordination. Money wasn't a necessary incentive when there was greater abundance and the people were in control of their own means in a mutual aid economy.
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