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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

There were a lot of bad ideas (like no money) but there has always been one conversation I wanted to see.

Imagine, its sometime inbetween Enterprise and TOS. A male admiral in charge of uniform design is talking to a female officer

Admiral: Now, I want to talk to you about the new uniform design. These blue jumpsuits have been around since before the federation, so we've designed something new. We want to know what the female officers think. Will you look at these images?

Female officer: Sure.

Admiral hands over the images.

Officer: Uh, you seemed to have forgotten the pants on the female uniforms.

Admirals: Actually, we're really proud of that part. It...uh....makes the legs less sweaty. Its more effecient.

Officer: Then why don't the males have to wear them?

Admiral: A guy in a mini skirt? Outrageous.

Officer: Female officers have the right to wear the same

Admiral: Well, we're done for today. Thanks for the imput.

Seriously, I get the real life reason, but in universe it seems very sexist to make all the women go from wearing basically the same uniform as the guys to wearing stupid mini-skirts. I know Number One in the pilot wore a normal uniform, but she is the only female officer I can think of in TOS (not counting movies, obviously) who didn't have to wear a mini-skirt. I don't see it being a very popular change. some may have liked it, but I have to imagine that the majority of female officers wouldn't take kindly to the idea that they would be forced to wear mini-skirts. But, knowing Star Trek, maybe it was only on Kirk's enterprise. If you serve on Kirk's ship, you have to show your legs
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