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Re: Latest acquisition!

I found a copy of the Fotonovel for The Galileo Seven today at Half Price Books - picked it up for around a dollar. Brings my Fotonovel collection up to 4 books. I just love that series in all its glorious cheesiness... They are fun reminders of the days when there were no VHS tapes to watch.

When I was a kid in the '70s they used to show reruns of TOS every weeknight at 10:30, which drove me nuts during the school year because my parents made me go to bed at 10. I used to leave my bedroom door open so I could listen to the show on my parent's set (my mom was a fan too). The way our house was laid out, I could lay on the floor in my darkened bedroom and watch across the hall into my parents' room and see the TV from there. I did that a few times if I knew my dad was already asleep and wouldn't get out of bed and spot me. If I ever heard that magical phrase "all I could get was the name, Constellation, then I lost it", then getting out of bed became mandatory. I remember a few years later when I set a tape recorder up in front of the TV and recorded the audio of "The Doomsday Machine" onto a 60-minute cassette tape...
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