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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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So the general idea I'm geting from the feedback's okay to post these videos as long as they're A. funny or B. someone is doing something illegal? Otherwise it's just petty and mean? I can understand that, but just about every one of those videos (with the exception of the chick who couldn't close up ranks and let me in the turn lane) featured someone doing something illegal. In the Honda Fit video and the Star Trek music clip...each f those cars was either getting on or already traveling on the freeway at 40 MPH or below. I'm pretty sure driving that slow on the freeway is considered illegal as it impedes the flow of traffic.

I usually try to only post clips where people are doing something dangerous, illegal or just plain assholish and not just someone making a simple mistake. It isn't done vindictively or to shame the I said, it's for entertainment. I started posting these on Facebook and the were a big hit with friends and family. I guess for general consumption I'll have to kick it up a notch and be more choosy over what I post as far as the severity of the incident goes.

Also, I've never understood why people worry about their license plate being seen in video or pictures. It's right there for everyone and anyone to see on the road, but when it's posted online all of a sudden it's some secret code that must be hidden. I don't get it.
I never understood it either, sort of the same problems people have with their house being visible on Google Street View.

As for the highway thing, I don't know what the laws are in California (or whereever it is you live) but there many of the highways have a "minimum speed limit" that's often around 40, 45 mies and hour which I, frankly, never understood why such a range (40 mph to 70 mph) was in place. Even still, you'd get a ticket for driving 40 in the far-left lane where people are going much faster and be forced to pass on the right.

But I'm with you, I hate it when people don't merge onto the highway going speed. They get on the highway and THEN speed up which is not the way I learned to get on the highway. You use that quarter-mile long lane to speed up to the flow of traffic and ease in. Along the same lines the traffic already on the highway doesn't have to -nor should be expected to- slow down to allow entering traffic on. Entering traffic is supposed to YIELD to highway traffic and figure out how to get on. Hell, there's been a couple of times I've seen people STOPPED in the acceleration lane waiting for an "opening" (though some existed) that'd allow them to get on to the highway at a slow speed and THEN speed up.

On the flip side I hate it when people slow down on the highway rather than inside the deceleration lane/off ramp.
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