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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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What I want to see is people who just sit on their ass on the beach their whole life, replicating their needs. Where are these people? Because I'd sure as hell be one of them in this glorious future.
Exactly. Gene Roddenberry apparently thought that human nature could be re-shaped to suit a politico-economic ideology, and vices like laziness could be done away with. He was naive.

This "evolved humanity" concept was analogous to the "New Soviet man" push that worked out so well in Russia:
Keep in mind that George Orwell did in fact observe some dramatic social changes in the Anarcho-Syndicalist controlled parts of Spain during the Spanish Revolution.

"There was no unemployment, and the price of living was still extremely low; you saw very few destitute people, and no beggars except the gypsies. Above all, there was a belief in the revolution and the future, a feeling of having suddenly emerged into an era of equality and freedom. Human beings were trying to behave as human beings and not as cogs in the capitalist machine. In the barbers' shops were Anarchist notices (the barbers were mostly Anarchists) solmenly explaining that barbers were no longer slaves. In the streets were coloured posters appealing to prostitutes to stop being prostitutes." George Orwell - Homage to Catalonia (page 6)

"Many of the normal motives of civilized life-snobbishness, money-grubbing, fear of the boss, etc-had simply ceased to exist." George Orwell - Homage to Catalonia (page 104)

"In every country in the world a huge tribe of party-hacks and sleek little professors are busy 'proving' that Socialism means no more than a planned state-capitalism with the grab-motive left intact. But fortunately there also exists a vision of Socialism quite different from this." George Orwell - Homage to Catalonia (page 104)

"As far as my purely personal preferences went I would have liked to join the Anarchists." George Orwell - Homage to Catalonia (bottom of page 116)

This happened during the late 1930's. So it is possible under the right set of conditions. And remember, Iain Banks described his "Culture" series (which takes place in a moneyless, space-faring society) as Anarchists because he felt centralized control would be very impractical in space and that self-reliance and cooperation would be essential.
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