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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I hope they keep both Carl and Judith alive. As Silvercrest posted, Carl is the post-apocalypse generation, but he remembers what used to be. Judith, if the show lasts and they take a couple of jumps, won't have known anything BUT this world.

I don't think they'd off Daryl because he is such a fan favorite. I hope that's true. His disappointment in Rick about trading Michonne was palpable.

And I want at least Tyrese to join the group. The group can't get too small or it's indefensible.

I'd like to see Carol use her "just the facts ma'am" ways to dispose of a future opponent. She's a "Cold Equations" type, but I don't want that to mean she has to kill Judith to save the group (a la Mash-finale).
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