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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Curious ideas on how neelix could have been better handled?

Uhmmn. I mean personality wise, I dont mean how he could have been "Handled" out an airlock, part of me does agree, but Thats not what Im asking.
Ethan Phillips really isn't to blame for the character. He did what he was told to in the end. Really the flaw in the character was he was a jerk. He claims knowledge of everything, then usually proceeds to screw it up. He has to force himself into every situation, regardless if it's welcome or not. His jealous and possessive streak is just absurd. To stalking Kes, getting angry whenever she talks with everyone male, getting territorial if someone wants to eat food that he didn't cook. And inflicting his values on everyone... if Tuvok really did strangle him, I wouldn't blame him. It takes a certain kind of self importance to assume just because someone else has a different set of values that it's up to you to set them straight, cheer them up, and keep at it despite their repeated polite requests to leave them alone.

It's just all too much. I'm all for complicated, flawed characters, but Neelix is just way too in your face about it. If he was scaled back, somewhat more competent, and learned a little something about tact he would've been better received I think. The writers were going for a space scoundrel type like Quark. Instead they got Wesley Crusher's annoying tendencies, crossed with Rom's denseness without either's positive traits. At least Wesley was smart and helpful most of the time and Rom had a heart of gold under it all.
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