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Re: The Continuity of Days Gone By

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I had a question: would Starfleet: Year One, Federation, and Crossover be consistent or compatible with this loose continuity, and if so, where would they fit?
Well, most of the '80s continuity predates the TNG era, and indeed it was the arrival of TNG that blew it out of the water as the show established its own incompatible versions of things. So given that TNG itself is not compatible with the '80s continuity, it doesn't seem likely that Federation or Crossover could be. As for S:YO, it's based on the TNG-era idea that the UFP was founded in 2161, which doesn't mesh with the Spaceflight Chronology dating used in books like The Final Reflection and Final Frontier.

However, as far as I know, there's nothing about Crosover that isn't still compatible with the current book continuity. I count it as part of that continuity myself, though I haven't re-read it in years and I'm not sure if something has come along to contradict it since then. The only discrepancy I'm aware of is that it has a Galaxy-class starship named Intrepid, which is inconsistent with the existence of a distinct Intrepid class (to which Voyager belongs) around the same time. But I just disregard the Galaxy-class reference and assume it's the class-namer Intrepid (most likely NCC-74600).
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