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SG-1 favourite episode :)

I thought it would be fun to have a thread where everyone gets to posts what their favourite episode is and why they love it. I know that picking just one episode is often frustratingly hard so feel free to list more than one. After all lots of people in real life have more than just one best friend so its perfectly possible to have more than one fave episode

WARNING! Its probably a good idea that anyone who hasnt seen the series in its entirety avoid this thread in case of having future plot/character development spoiled. Now that i've said that it'll probably be just me talking to myself for the entire thread.

Anyhow to get the ball rolling my favourite episode is Ascension. I really like the character of Orlin and how being all by his non-coporeal self for a couple hundred years has left him somewhat awkward when it comes to interacting with coporeal beings like Sam. Also hes so open and truthful and completely trusting of Sam (because he looked inside and saw that she was a good person).

I love the layout of Sams house though its weird that she has so many rooms in the basement? And i love the mini-gate its so cute. I also like the pacing in this episode as well as all the connections it makes to Oma and also with the mini-gate though anyone watching for the first time can easily miss those.
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