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Re: WOLVERINE director search down to 8

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As seen at the end of X3, the cure "wears off" on Magneto after a few weeks
But we don't know that it totally wore off for him. It could be that he only retained a vestige of his former power and things stayed that way.
Or it could be that it wears off completely, as you say we just don't know. All I mean is that the possibility is there, so it's not unreasonable for The Wolverine to discount the so-called cure. Whether they even address it at all remains to be seen.
And if we end up with a suddenly repowered Rogue in DOFP...

Alidar Jarok wrote:
Well, I think they'll reference how he became Wolverine (i.e., the Weapon X project), but I can't think of anything else from the movie that needs to be referenced even if they had no strong feelings one way or the other.
Yeah, it won't be too shocking if The Wolverine fails to mention Victor and Kayla.
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