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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I think people did like T-dog, but much like many others, he suffered from little development, which apparently they have admitted to in the article above

When he says 27 people, it's obvious that it's in reference to the vast majority of Woodbury nobodies & a good amount of ones we do know, like Martinez & maybe Milton, plus possibly one or two of our longstanding principle cast

Wissaboo makes a good point about the principle cast not being able to afford much more diminishment. I'd be astounded if they had the balls to murder an infant on this show. I'd say Hershel has had a good run, & might be on the chopping block. Tyrese seems to be getting groomed for some kind of permanency, but the remaining two in his group are possible fatalities, the doofas dad almost certainly.

Losing too many of the others would be tough to work around, but it's possible
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