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I went from about 210 pounds down to 168 pounds in about 2 months, and down to a 30 inch wasteline.
Congrats on the weight loss, that's good. Until I had to quit working, I was usually walking a mile to work or back home each day, sometimes both ways, and that was keeping me at optimum weight. Then I stopped doing that and the pounds came on. And I don't eat right, I drink genuine Coca-Cola (never diet sodas), and I smoke too much. The stroke came about after 5 years of stress in a job I hated (telemarketing, which was all I could find after the leg injury), and drinking at least 16oz of coffee at work (though I don't really like coffee).

So I know if I really want to bring the weight down, I just need to walk more. Though it's always hot here during the daytime, and walking this neighborhood at night is risky, though no one's bothered me. Yet.
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