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Re: Stunt double madness

Well, however easy it is to sprain an ankle or break a hip, Shatner did the whole Kirk vs Air Force dudes fight in Tomorrow Is Yesterday, complete with a handful of stunt guys, punches, falls, jumps and swings off the doorsill. They even tackled him and slammed him to the floor. Made the brawl that much more exciting, and it the primary reason for my wondering why he didn't do more simple fights.

As for whether or not the stunt guy in Space Seed or Court Martial was noticeable before HD, damn straight he was. When Kirk does the running kick to Khan, the guy looked totally different; different body type, different hair, totally different face. Khan also got like 6 inches shorter. If they would have just matched Shatner's hair, it would have gone a long way. Again, like they did in Whom Gods Destroy. Maybe they only had one wig at the time.

What's even more funny is how Shatner tries to convince people in Star Trek Movie Memories that he did this moves himself and resurrected them for his Kirk vs Kruge fight in Trek III. and then Jimmy Doohan did the same thing by claiming to do the "thrown by Apollo" stunt in Who Mourns for Adonias? in Beam me Up Scotty. Such fun....
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