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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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I just wish Hasbro didn't f--k up the toys for this movie as bad as they did. I'd love to have little 3.75" versions of these on my shelf. I already have a nice little Hall of Armor from Iron Man 2 and Avengers - they really kinda of dropped the ball here.
I know. What the hell is up with these latest action figures with no articulation? Do they really think kids (let alone collectors) are gonna want these cheap looking things?

Obviously it's a cost-cutting thing, and they assume enough parents will snap these up for their kids without looking, but still. It's sad how the toy companies don't even seem to be trying anymore.
Well, kids will play with anything, so what will they care? And I thought collectors never opened up the packaging anyway, so what would be the point of articulating a toy that will never be opened?
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