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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

I wish I could agree with you, Mysterion. But unless he has had an "inner voice" transplant, Xon just doesn't ring JD to me.

I feel kinda responsible for the disappearance of the King of all Chronologies. I came down on him kinda hard when he stirred the pot at the old FRS forum a little too vigorously. The fact is, the voices of these people that so loved Star Trek that they could pick apart every little bit of minutiae and give it some sense of reason and order-- whether that be an Okuda or a James Dixon -- are not to be thrown away so carelessly. JJTrek has roots, and those roots extend back to stuff about which the folks that are buying tickets today often have no clue. We can believe that JJ's nebulous, action-packed blur, divorced from all Gene Roddenberry's talky bits, is what has made Trek big money. Maybe so. But there is some reason this reinvention was done with Trek and not something else like B5 or Buck Rogers. There is a heart that beats at the bottom of Trek that guys like Dixon understand and that those living off today's fat should ill ignore.
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