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Re: Yet another "Memory Wall" post

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The worst example of this kind of thing is NEMESIS, where Shinzon frees his ship by firing in reverse, which should have just dragged the Enterprise along backwards with Scimitar.
Far be it from me to defend Nemesis, but it might have worked if the Enterprise was in the line of any of the Scimitar's thruster exhaust. Of course, this wasn't made clear, and -- as is typical in "science" fiction movies these days -- acknowledging physics is to be avoided.

trevanian wrote: View Post
Would have been more correct (and MUCH cooler) to have alternating forward and reverse firing side thrusters jerking and tearing the two ships apart a little at a time, and would justify a lot of nice sideways tossings of crew.
Yes! That wouldn't have done much to redeem the movie, but it would have made an already impressive collision scene even more fun.
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