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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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i've not watched the videos but if the car plates are readable to be able to trace the driver/owner isnt there some law about filming someone without thier permisson?.

that's why most business's have signs saying they have cameras up .
There's no law violation in recording something in public.

If you want to argue that, not supposed to go 15 over, either. Just because the guy in front of you is ALSO breaking the law doesn't make it legal. You could have moved over a lane and done the speed limit. Enjoy your imaginary distinction between YOUR violation being totally cool and his being horrific, though.

I agree that his is worse, but both are bad, no moral high ground to claim there. Maybe there was an emergency? Or maybe he's just an asshole, no way to know.
Look, I'm not saying I was doing anything right, but pretty much everyone on the highway was speeding, as is often the case on this particular stretch of highway. I "could have" moved over a lane and done the speed limit, but why? This guy could have done the same thing, no?

But, no, he decided to pass a line of cars on the shoulder. Maybe it was it an emergency? Sure. Maybe. He wasn't headed toward any hospital, though, and I'm pretty sure "it was an emergency!" isn't going to get you out of a ticket since only emergency vehicles are allowed to break driving laws.

But, whatever. I'm not saying I was being a lawful driver by speeding but at least I was speeding on the road itself. He wasn't, he decided to go speeding off-road.
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