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Re: So I bought a safe.

I believe that it is 'safe' to assume that your 'safe' doesn't qualify as actually being 'safe', as it barely fits on the 'safe' 'safe'-table, that King D has kindly supplied you.


In order to qualify as a 'safe' 'safe', you will need to supply us with the exact 'safe' dimensions of your 'safe' in order to satisfy to the 'Safe' 'Safe'ty Advisory Board, that your 'safe' is 'safe', while in this dimension.

Otherwise your 'safe' will have to be 'safe'ly stored on another 'safe' table, that is in a much 'safe'er dimension.

The 'Safe' Safe'ty Advisory Board regrets that you will have to incur all costs of holding your currently un'safe' 'safe', 'safe'ly in this other dimension, but is willing to assist you in 'safe'ly storing your in-'safe' belongings in this dimension, while you attempt to correct said 'safe' safe'ty situation.

Regrettably, the 'Safe' Safe'ty Advisory Board is also unable to assist you in regards of the "Cold Tumbler Strolling" situation.
Though it does wish you a warm, 'safe' crossing, when ever you find it necessary to walk across frigid cogs.

Please be aware that the 'irony' of this has not escaped the 'steely' notice of the 'Safe' 'Safe'ty Advisory Board members.

I must go out in2 space again for the call of adventure cries. With a steady hand & robust crew I'll take her forth with pride. I must go out in2 space again to a vagabond Captains life. Where comets play & galaxies sway like whirlwinds in the night.

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