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Re: So why exactly is AVP1 so bad?

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Add me into the pro Alien 3 camp, so much better than Ressurection.
Agreed...I loved the atmosphere...In some was the score was better than Aliens...and hell, I liked some of the charicters....I saw the "alternate version" a few years back, and thought it was even better. I think the movie is now finally getting it's due, as in more people are realizing it's not as bad as was thought
Count me as a fan too, I think Alien 3 could have been right up there with Alien and Aliens were it not for the constant studio interference.

As to AVP/AVPR, I liked both of them. My only disappointment is that, while I liked them, they should have been EPICALLY AWESOME! You have two movies featuring two of the most iconic ruthless alien lifeforms of all time!

And, I also think it was a mistake basing them on earth. Should have gone with the comic's original storyline.
"A perfect organism, unclouded by remorse, or human illusions of morality." - Ash, Alien
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