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I have put on some weight in the last 12 years too due to a lower back injury (disk L5) which prevented me from exercising for a few years and thus gain weight.
Don't feel bad. I had a 32 inch waist for 12 years until I was 37 and made the mistake of eating butter pecan ice cream every weekend one summer. Then 2 years later a broken knee set me up with a cane for the rest of my life and my walking speed dropped by a third, running's impossible. Then I had to quit working 10 years ago after a stroke and with no car, I sit around at home most of the day. I'm about 175-180 pounds now, instead of the 160 I maintained until 10 years ago, with waist about 34 or 35.

I didn't have trouble with my back until 47, after trying to lift something heavy and getting my center of gravity wrong.

Oddly, people think I look better with more weight, I'd been pretty thin in the face.
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