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Holy crap! At first glance I thought it was Don Johnson. Robert Beltran really let himself go.

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Hey give him a break! The show's been off the air for 12 years, and the guy's 59 now. Put him back in the series, he works out for a few weeks, uses a little Clairol For Men, gets in uniform, slap a tattoo on his face, and he's ready to go.

Though I'm 62 and don't have that much gray except in my beard.
Okay, agreed. However, I have not seen Robert Beltran since Voyager went off the air so seeing him as he is now was quite jarring. I do apologize if my previous post offended anyone. That was not my intent.

By the way, in my previous post I was not commenting on his hair color or his hair length; I know actors let their hair grow long so that their hair can be styled/cut to fit a character description in any future project. I was only commenting on his weight gain, which is not acceptable. I have put on some weight in the last 12 years too due to a lower back injury (disc L5) which prevented me from exercising for a few years and thus gain weight.

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