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Yeah, the game kinda expect you to have an emotional connection to Earth, since it's not a fictional place and considering that it's your home and the home of everything you know and everyone you like.
Actually, the Earth of Mass Effect IS a fictional place and it is not the home of everyone we know. My family and friends don't live on Mass Effect's Earth, so why should I feel connected to it? What exactly does Earth give in the mass Effect universe that makes it unique? I can tell you that a lot of other science fiction franchises don't have Asari, Krogen, Turians ect, but a lot of them do have an Earth. There's not even one freaking alien on Earth in Mass Effect 3, so all we're pretty much doing is saving a "Homo-sapions only planet". At least on Tuchanka you can see Krogen with their alien mates. Yep. The worn down homeworld of the Krogen have more diversity than Earth.
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