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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

^^ I should have known someone would remind me of the ceiling height issues with the saucer hull.

Thus far, I've tried to confine the visible 10' ceiling height "monsters" to the engineering hull (e.g. WNM long corridor, Charlie's detention cell in "Charlie X").

I consider the B(erth) Deck reference in "Court-Martial" a constructive hint that FJ Main Deck 7 is at least crew quarters Deck 6 (supported by Dr. Daystrom's Deck 6 reference in "The Ultimate Computer").

If I'm not mistaken, the lowest deck reference for the saucer was Deck 9 in "The Man Trap" but we can't entirely ignore Spock's blast damage report in "Errand of Mercy" regarding Decks 10 and 11 (after having witnessed Klingon projectiles hitting the saucer hull in the compatible area).

Add to this I found more sickbay inconsistencies the further I examine the visual information. Apparently, it's not possible we have the wall pedals in the Season Two exam room one week (Chekov in "The Deadly Years") and next week there's a flat screen there ("Obsession").

And the corridor scenes from "The Changeling", "The Deadly Years" and the "Lights of Zetar" (baryonic chamber) also suggest different locations. I'm getting close to a point where I wonder if three decks for the interior sickbay complex are actually sufficient to bring all those different elements together.

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