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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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EDIT ADDON: Man, I miss Dixon. I got a few warnings defending his views, and didn't mind those in the slightest. Guy really had a good line on the whole Enterprise-class thing as I recall.
It's been awhile, Trev! Good to see you still fighting the fight.

Yeah, Dixon- for all his faults- really defined what it meant to be a Trekkie. He was the "fan" in "fanatic" to be sure. And because his inversely iconoclastic views were from a different era of Star Trek fandom, his prowling a place like the TrekBBS was like letting a velociraptor loose in Time Square. It was never bound to end well. But hell, that chronology of his... Wow. Just... Wow.
James Dixon can be found on this forum here. Most of the members, if not all, are James Dixon.
That last bit makes me think of the quantum realities TNG ... am imagining Dixon as Riker shouting: The Dennis Baileys are EVERYWHERE!

(okay, I just saw the red band EVIL DEAD trailer and that grossed me out ALMOST as much as this thought.)
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