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Re: Fringe vs The X-Files

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Not inherently, no. That's just one of the many reasons why X-Files is better. It set the standard.
The Mirrorball Man said it in far less words, but the X-Files didn't invent creature of the week shows, nor did it invent the supernatural investigation genre. The Outer Limits did creature of the week shows back in the 60's.

What the X-Files did do was popularize and bring the genre into the mainstream. Before then, it was rare that a scifi type show would be watched by a wide mainstream audience and not be a Star Trek show.

Having said that, I've only seen maybe a couple seasons of the show, way back in the late 90's when I was dating a girl who was into the X-Files. It didn't grab me and make me interested the way Fringe has, probably because I found the characters dull, and it did take itself way too seriously. They tried comedy episodes, but like Enterprise, the attempt fell flat.

Now, if we compared them based on their scientific accuracy, the X-Files would probably beat out Fringe. That isn't to say the X-Files is in any way scientifically accurate, but Fringe is so far out there it is laughable. Retrieving sound waves from a pane of glass... sure... you do that!
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