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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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I dunno, I can see where he is coming from. Hell, the other day I was going 15-over in the far-left lane on a crowded highway and someone passed me ON THE SHOULDER! Actually he had to pass a couple of other cars before getting back on the highway-proper. Plenty of things you see drivers do everyday can be aggravating.
I'm not going to talk about it in detail because I know how well you react to it, but I have a feeling you're going to get a "pot calling the kettle black" response about your own questionable driving history in this thread soon enough. It was certainly a hell of a lot worse than anything seen in those videos.

ETA: Ninja'd!

Small, petty, venting can be "helpful" in many ways, heck we've seen Flux rant here a few times about bad co-workers and customers.
Yes, and those threads always go swimmingly, don't they? What's that thing they say about doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?

Hell, I've thought about getting a dash-cam and posting pictures/videos of people that piss me off in traffic.
I'm honestly surprised you don't have one already. That is exactly something I would expect you to do.

That's quite the low bar for behavior you've set there, Trekker. "Hey, as long as you're not some crazed sniper firing from a tower, anything goes." Jesus Christ, man.
He's posting videos of drivers that tick him off and commenting about them, I think he's in the clear when it comes to reacting to minor annoyances. Now, if he took their plate number, used civic resources to find the name of the driver of that car and then plastered their name, plate number and make/model of their car with the video. Then he'd go to far. As it is now, he posting videos of dumb people.

Seems like a pretty benign thing. If he has the time/resources to do this what's the harm. It's a venting procedure that works for him.
Thank god you were here to explain to me what he was doing, because I couldn't figure it out from watching the videos an hour ago.

He posted it here looking for feedback. I'm giving him feedback. It's not just the "validate me" forum. I think it's kind of petty and vindictive and that most of the shit in the video is so incredibly minor that it wouldn't even bother me for longer than the span of the incident itself, much less long enough to log it and upload it to YouTube.

No one's saying this is some egregious act on his part that's going to cause anyone serious harm, I'm just saying it's kind of a ridiculous thing to do.

ETA: Plus, he knows photoshop and video editing. He should blur the license plates just in case.
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