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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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Kinda like the "starving kids in Africa" defense. It's not THAT bad, so why complain about anything?

And then we get 20 Trekker rants about utterly innane nonsense that's even less offensive than whatever these drivers were supposed to be doing.
Yeah, it's so funny the way you enjoy so much pissing all over me.
You seem to enjoy it? Admittedly, my 'give a shit about Trekker's rants' meter has been worn down over the last decade or so. You pretty much broke it when you blew up on me last year and went WAY over the top, so sorry I didn't respond by being your super-best-friend. I saved it, in case you'd like a refresher.

Regardless of any personal history, you deserve to get called on stupid shit just like everyone else. if you post more of it than others, I can't really help that. I don't go seeking you out, I'm just not that into you...
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