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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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Like the countless numbers of people who don't know how to make a left-turn on a solid green/flashing yellow, merge onto the highway, or how to not run a red light.
Or people that don't know not to drive when they've been told by a doctor they aren't allowed to drive because they had a seizure. Things like that?

Whatever stupid shit you want to post that other people did, I'm sure you can find someone that can justify what they did in their own mind.

For all we know, the guy that passed you in the shoulder (which is stupid, agree) had a pregnant wife about to give birth in the passenger seat and was wondering why the hell you wouldn't get over...

Not usually a good defense anyway when you admit to breaking the law, and then want to bitch about someone else that was doing it slightly worse than you. What fire were you responding to that had you doing 15 over the speed limit? Why's 15 over perfectly fine, but 20 over and passing you in (hopefully) a safe but stupid manner should get them shamed? And the guy what was doing the speed limit, or 5 over even, was pissed at you that he had to move out of the left lane because you were in such a hurry for some reason...
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