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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

6x5-Nightwalkers: Or as I was thinking of it as "Invasion of the Body Snatchers-esque". So the dying rich man Conrad who was implanted with a Gou'ald has been cloning more symbiotes via his company and implanting them in others. I don't get why the cloning was happening and it's never explained. Are these unique symbiotes now or just paler copies of the one in Conrad? Anyway they take over this small town and start building a ship to leave. One of the scientists, not yet "infected" with a snake, figures out something is wrong and calls Carter in a panic. This is how SG-1 arrives in the small town to investigate. All but O'Neill whose still off being treated by the Tok'ra. Carter and Teal'C couldn't initially detect these larva Gou'ald cause the human hosts do not have Naq'uida(sp) in their blood. The scientist has smuggled out an immunity, see poison), from the lab and mails it to himself. SG-1 doesn't know this at the time but are searching his house when the package is delivered. The Gou'ald townsfolk capture SG-1 separately but not before Sam gives herself the shot of "she isn't quite sure but why not". It's a bit of loose ending and while I liked it overall for the creepy factor I felt this episode was just a bit of a step down from the first 4 really well done episodes? Sam just injects herself not knowing at all what is in the syringe. Why was Conrad's symbiote cloning itself? To what end?

6x6-Abyss: The return of Michael Shanks as Daniel so soon? Movie work not taking off like you'd hoped? This episode plays catch up with O'Neill whose been blended with a Tok'ra larvae and was off on a mission against a Gou'ald system lord named Ba'al. I am curious if this is meant to the be the Ba'al worshipped as a false god in the Biblical sense by Israelites at times in the Bible? Seems a good guess given Gou'ald diety identification.
Anyway O'Neill is captured but his Tok'ra snake flees his body(how long can they survive that way?) as he's captured. Ba'al begins to torture O'Neill for information but Jack can't remember anything. The last thing he remembers is being near death in Antarctica. Ba'al keep killing him painfully and reviving him with the sarcophagus. A transcended Daniel begins to appear to him in an attempt to comfort him and show him how to ascend. Daniel now apparently also adheres to this non-interference rule that we've seen.
The Tok'ra tell SG-1 that O'Neill has been lost on a mission but they know not where. The team begins to try and reassemble what the Tok'ra know of last known sites by his Tok'ra host in order to locate him.
Jack also starts to see another energy essence, that of a woman. Who makes sure she isnt' seen by Daniel. Who is this?
The SG-1 team manage to free Jack and get him back to SGC for treatment. A good episode and we see another system lord. If I'm right on Ba'al I'm curious to see what other dieties the show might dive into. We've got Egyptian, Asgardian, Jewish and Babylonian so far that I recall off hand. Asgardian really stands out as the odd man out as the others are all geographically tied.

6x7-Shadow Play: guest starring Dean Stockwell, nice. This was also just prior to him being a Cylon pain in the ass. We return to Jonas Quinn's home planet, surprisingly to us all. They really are insisting on Earth jet propulsion in order to boost their air defenses. It seems the other nations on the planet have signed a non-agression pack and Quinn's former government, the Kelwans(sp), fear an imminent attack is coming. We know they don't know how to handle naquida safely based on what happened with Daniel and why Jonas is with SGC. Seems Quinn's old professor/mentor Dr.Keran is suffering from naquida poisoning. We don't know this just yet, early on. The poisoning is causing him to have dellusions. He fully believes there is an underground resistance to the government. He's been smuggling naquida out of the research center to them.
The Kelwan's also try enticing Quinn to come back, get a full pardon(cause he's seen as a traitor) and help them out now that he's had exposure to Earth technology. He refuses.
The government of Kewan knows Dr.Keran isn't likely sane as two of his colleagues suffered the fate of naquida poisoning. He ends up falling off a ledge while being followed/chased by a government official.
Quinn convinces the Kelwan's he'll have a better chance to survive on Earth with doctors and treatment there. I'm convinced they let him go cause they knew he mentally was gone and saw no loss in him going.
I'd like to see him, Dean Stockwell, back, healed somehow(it is sci-fi) but know he's destined to be a Cylon soon so...
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