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Re: Has star trek changed

I hope so, it needed to change. It didn't change the way I thought immediately after Enterprise...I thought there might be a movie first but that an eventual TV show may have some science fiction writers on the staff or producing it. Actually what I discovered a few years ago is that my timeline for a show was probably right, but that it would have producers with cachet Like McFarlane, Singer, JJ ABrams or the like to get it on.

Ultimately Berman and Braga as well as other producers did produce some good work on Voyager and Enterprise, but overall the sameness made it feel tired. The shows needed new producers and writers as well as a new "vision" (vision doesn't have to be visionary lol), this might include updating the production, writing and filming methods. What it should keep at the core, even if different outwardly would be a future where the environment allows people and organizations (like the UFP) to function on a cooperative level..I don't like using the word utopia, but for lack of a better word it should be positive, space travel perfected. I think a TV show might explore this more in depth, but I like what we've got...JJTrek still has many elements of 2001: A Space Odyssey, it has the idea of Starfleet as peacekeepers, STID has them as explorers to begin with, and most of all it is not a dystopia, like 85% of even the big blockbuster scifi hits (think of the big budget, big name movies coming out this year that actually are scifi). The technology is not leading us to doom. The people are self-motivated and positive! Pike is Kirk after a 5 year mission!

One last note: It's been discussed before but Gene Roddenberry didn't invent anything, he popularized a LOT! Along with Coon, Justman and the bunch--which Gene endlessly credited with helping him--they made a series which wasn't an anthology that still told allegories based on a city in a time when everyone was thinking small...rockets and saucers. Then they put it on TV...I don't think Gene really planned on having women and different races being controversial, I think he thought it should be normal, but it still made a splash. By hiring people like Jefrries, he tried to make the show believable, grounding the 23rd century for what normally might seem like a wild fantasy to your average TV viewer.

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