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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

Makes it seem really petty, then. Especially if these are the examples of things he really needed to vent about. Not really anything over the top, and some of those you'd have to stretch to even figure out if a traffic violation even technically occured.

For most of them, had he not recorded them, he'd have forgotten them within a few moments; just not a big deal, and part of living in a society that's not entirely filled with clones of yourself.

Just comes across as somewhat pompus and full of yourself to post that kinda stuff (and go through the extra effort of putting in text so we KNOW what the 'idiot' driver is about to do) like you're a perfect driver yourself. For all you know the guy behind you is recording you going 67 in a 65 and putting up snarky videos to youtube. No one's perfect, and no harm, no foul usually.

If more of these things had something worth actually spending effort watching or commenting on, maybe. As is? Not worth it at all.

And what kinds of problems have you been having, Flux, where you feel you need a dashboard cam for all the accidents, scams, and illegal activity that's been going on around you? Or is the real motivator just heckling others for at BEST minor offenses?
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