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Re: Same-species ship; not very UFP?

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I think that goes straight into the realm of implausible and totally undermines the very principles the Federation was built on.
I don't, I think some physical and cultural divides are far to large to bridge. Look at what happened with Vorik and Torres in Blood Fever, Spock and Kirk in Amok Time or Picard reprimanding Worf in Reunion. You're asking too much for folks to put away inherent genetic traits and cultural training.

Spock was half-human and still kept his quarters warmer than the rest of the ship. Why should races who evolved under tremendously different environmental conditions have to live/work in discomfort under the guise of diversity?
Actually, none of this is at all what I'm talking about, but rather the idea that the Federation would condone segregation based entirely on someone's personal dislike of another Federation race.
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