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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

NuBSG pulled of dozens episodes dealing with limited supplies, food and internal threats. Worked for them just fine. VOY took a lot of liberties with it self and the audience by making everything that is normally a danger no threat at all.

They never have trouble finding the same mineral that powers the warp core in DQ that they could in the AQ despite being so far away from the AQ. At least they could do was have an episode where the crew has to find someway to refine another ore to be compatible with exisiting systems.

Someone has already mentioned Kes' pathetic potted plant hydroponics bay. Also SFDebris put it perfectly when he critized early VOY attempt at drama because the crew was seen as " roughing it because they couldnt eat replicated food". A stab at replicator rations plot that lasts all through the series for some reason.

The Maqui being all previous Fed citizens, ex Starfleet officers, and Bajorans would have no serious beef with StarFleet. At the end of Caretaker I'm not suprised the Maqui all put on those uniforms. I'm unsure of the timeline dates but VOY debutted after "The Maqui" on DS9 and "Preemptive Strike" on TNG. From my recollection the actual formation of the maqui wasn't that long ago by caretaker. So I highly doubt every single member was down to ride to hell and back for the cause like VOY made it seem and I doubt they were all early season one B'Ellana Torres and that one asshole from "Learning Curve" ' We do things the Maqui way'. As if they had were some hard as nails rough necks living a daily struggle. The maqui (besides the Bajoran ones) always struck me as stuck up privilege group who decided to form a coalition and fight their antagonists because they couldn't get their way. Even though the alternative was simply to move out of Cardassian space or the DMZ.
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