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Re: "I'm a soldier not a diplomat."

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TOS was inconsistent on many levels, more than most of the new shows in fact. I prefer to think of Kirk the one-dimensional military man to be a product of the same effort to establish the show as UESPA and the like. If Kirk was always written like this he'd be a distasteful character. Compare to Picard...prepared to fight a war in Redemption, but very reluctant to do so.

I don't think "one-dimensional military man" was ever intended to be Kirk's characterization, so it isn't the same thing as abandoned concepts like UESPA.
But his character was inconsistent because they were still establishing that world.

I'd also note Kirk never made an attempt a diplomacy before the war started. He DOES in most episodes. He simply seemed far to eager to jump into the fray.


Well, in the case of "Errand of Mercy," that isn't Kirk's call. This wasn't a first-contact scenario where Kirk is in the position of representing the Federation to a brand-new alien species. The Organia incident is just one front on a larger conflict between the UFP and the Klingons that has been apparently been building for some time.

As the ep begins, Kirk receives word that negotiations have broken down and a state of war now exists. Presumably the diplomats have been working overtime to avert this situation, but to no avail. The decision to go to war has been made at level far above Kirk's pay scale--and not just concerning Organia.

Was he supposed to try to negotiate a separate peace with the Klingons on Organia after the Federation's top leaders and diplomats failed? That would be like an individual submarine commander deciding to take it upon himself to negotiate a peace treaty with the Japanese during World War II or whatever . . . .
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