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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Aquaman #18: Another fine issue as Arthur re-establishes himself as King of Atlantis, and we meet New 52 Tula I think for the first time. Not all is well though in Atlantis as General Murk does not trust Arthur and still thinks of Orm as King, while Mera gets into trouble on the surface. I really wish we would get a Mera ongoing or mini-series.
First time I'm aware we've seen Tula since the relaunch. I keep enjoying this series. Every Aquaman hater should give just one arc a try to realize he doesn't just talk to fish and ride giant seahorses. I'm looking forward to the inevitable clash with Murk. Also, having Murk and/or Tula break Orm out is likely to happen. How Arthur deals with the scavengers should be interesting. Also, I'm not entirely sure who that was on the last panel coming for Mera? Her father? The King of Xebel maybe?

Justice League Dark #18 - wrapped up the extra dimensional storyline set in the city of Epoch where magic is outlawed. The surprise for me what that Tim Hunter's dad is a very accomplished mage himself who actually turns the tide of things. A destructive force of unused magic has been building around Epoch and threatens to tear the city, the planet, everything to bits ad-mist the law of Epoch waging a war against the mages and faeries of the land. Tim, led by his dad, channels this reservoir of energy out of the planet and into space saving everyone. Except Madame Xanadu who still needs to get back to Earth cause she's near death with her immortality reversed during their time in Epoch. I see parallels with the Hunters and the Winstons aka Princess Amaya/Amy and her mom from Gemworld.
Constantine and the group turn down Trevor's offer from ARGUS and he says he's making a mistake cause he's making a foe in the Justice League. Which I didn't quite get cause didn't Trevor reveal that around ARGUS their pet name for this group of mages was Justice League Dark. Be curious to see where this book goes now and how, it at all, it's affected by Constantine's own ongoing. Anyone else like to see Shade the Changing Man come back for an arc?
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