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Re: Is the NX 01 one of the better ships (aesthetically)?

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Except it's not a future insignia relative to Enterprise, but a past and current one. VGR: "Friendship One" established that the arrowhead insignia was the United Earth Space Probe Agency logo as far back as the 2060s. What's more, it was already in use on Starfleet uniforms during Enterprise. You have to look closely, but a very small arrowhead was part of the rating insignia worn by enlisted crewpersons like Cutler.
I'm sorry but I have no idea who crewmember Cutler is or was or will be. I'm sure he was an important and valued part of the crew though.

Seriously, the background info is both appreciated and interesting. Thank you.

With full acknowledgement of what you said, I still think an arrowhead design would have been an improvement over what we were given, BUT what we got was pretty good.
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