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@Marsden: My mistake, overacting was definitely the better word to describe it, even though the two words have completely opposite meanings. Sorry for the confusion, thanks for pointing out my error.

The acting is certainly more theatrical than in the later shows. Even seemingly the simplest lines of dialogue are spoken with so much flare and drama. Probably not the most realistic, but I'm learning to both look past it and at times enjoy it for its humor. The acting was definitely more laid back in the later shows.
No worries, friend. I enjoy the "emoting" going on an delight in it. I understand less is more and can be considered "better" but it's all up to the beholder. For Example, I disagree about opinons saying Shatner over did it. Really. I like it. Look at Morgan Woodward in Dagger of the Mind or William Windom in Doomsday Machine, I love that stuff. Does that make me wrong? But I know it's not to everyone's taste. Enjoy!
Oh, I've given you no word to keep, Admiral. In my judgment, you simply have no alternative.
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