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Re: Sean Penn's son hurls racist, homophobic slurs

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I don't really care, in another context I'd be upset but paparazzi are scum, no one deserves to be treated like celebrities are treated by paparrazi, followed around wherever you go with them just waiting for you to slip up or step into poop so that they can sell their disgusting "work" for lots of dollars.
They may be scum, but they aren't the cause. If people didn't want their scummy product they wouldn't have a job. For some reason, a lot of people like that kind of thing.

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It's not fair to blame Sean Penn. Kids can be remarkably different from their parents. ....
Apparently not in this case, however.
Maybe Sean Penn is an absolutely horrible person, who cares? It has no bearing on my life nor the lives of almost everyone else in the world.
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