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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Aquaman #18: Another fine issue as Arthur re-establishes himself as King of Atlantis, and we meet New 52 Tula I think for the first time. Not all is well though in Atlantis as General Murk does not trust Arthur and still thinks of Orm as King, while Mera gets into trouble on the surface. I really wish we would get a Mera ongoing or mini-series.

Superman #18: As much as I have wanted to dislike this under Lobdell...he has been doing some decent work since he took over as the permanent writer of the book. First issue post-H'el and it felt pretty grounded, and featured some Cat Grant hijinks! Guest artist as well this issue as Rocafort only did cover art...and New 52 Orion is awesome!
I enjoyed the issue as well and look forward to (if) Cat and Clark doing their news blog/site. Art was good but I hope Rocafort returns as I really enjoyed his art during the H'El arc.

Also interesting to see Superman appear before Congress, expressing concerns over the Fortress of Solitude.
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