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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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Technically to be in the Enterprise lineage it need only carry the name and 01 within its registry.
There is absolutely no valid reason why the number would have anything to do with it. Registry numbers serve a different purpose from names, not a redundant one, so both in real life and in most Trek contexts, different ships of the same name have no commonalities of registry number. For instance, the three American aircraft carriers named Enterprise are CV-6 (1938-47), CVN-65 (1961-2012), and CVN-80 (scheduled for commissioning in 2025). And in Trek, the three canonical USS Intrepids are NCC-1631, -38907, and -74600 (not counting the Earth Starfleet Intrepid, whose registry is unknown).

The whole "1701-Letter" thing is an anomalous conceit introduced by TVH and picked up by TNG, but it's pretty much unique to the name Enterprise (and a couple of other ship names in the novels and comics) and it wasn't a practice in use prior to TVH (the idea is apparently that it was a custom adopted to honor the ship for its achievements in saving the Earth and so forth). So there's no reason such an unconventional numbering practice would've already been in use as early as the 2250s. If there was another Enterprise prior to the one launched in 2258 in the Abramsverse, there's no reason why its registry number would be expected to have anything in common with the number "1701."
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