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Re: Same-species ship; not very UFP?

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If Solok truly thought Humans were an inferior species, then it is illogical for him to be associated in any kind with them (and that includes both Federation citizenship and service in Starfleet).
As I said before, it is just as illogical - perhaps even more so - to even think in the first place that humans are inferior to Vulcans. (The concept of 'superior' and 'inferior' races are, logically, meaningless. It's emotional and illogical to believe in such things. Solok, being Vulcan, is not entitled to that.) Solok obviously believes that, so it's hardly a stretch that he compounds that supposed "illogic" by joining Starfleet.

Besides, perhaps the reason Solok did that was so he could rub it in the humans' faces, so to speak. Solok believes in the superiority of Vulcans, so he joins Starfleet in order to try and prove it.
I believe that's an extraordinary stretch. I think it's more likely that Solok just has a superiority complex. I'm sure Solok does believe that Vulcans do some things better than Humans do, just like someone like McCoy may believe Humans do some things better than Vulcans. Such opinions can be viewed as racist, but then any discussion about the differences between races can be considered racist.
As for the T'Kumbra: I still believe that Solok could have used his influence at Starfleet Command in order to populate his ship with an all-Vulcan crew. That way, he gets the best of both worlds: he gets to serve in Starfleet, but not alongside "filthy humans".
I think that goes straight into the realm of implausible and totally undermines the very principles the Federation was built on. I believe that the T'Kumbra was simply a ship launched from Vulcan and just had an all-Vulcan crew during that point in time. Heck, by now, the ship may even have Humans and other Federation races as members of its complement following a recent crew rotation away from Vulcan.
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