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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

Melakon wrote: View Post
I just wish they'd used a better name. Everytime he mentioned the Rubber Tree People it seemed unintentionally funny to me.
That's because it was funny!

Besides 1 or 2 episodes (I think Tattoo was one of them, not sure though), he never used the term "Rubber Tree People". He usually just said "my people" which made it seem even more like some random ambiguous tribe. And SO many Native American stereotypes...I can't even begin on that one. He was like a walking stereotype.

I still think the face tattoo was kind of hot though.

I love Q's tattoo comments to Chakotay.

Q: Facial art. Ooo, how very wilderness of you.
CHAKOTAY: Captain?

Then he mentions it again in "The Q and the Grey" lol.

CHAKOTAY: Any more questions?
Q: I was wondering, Kathy. What could anyone possibly see in this big oaf, anyway? Is it the tattoo? Because mine's bigger!
JANEWAY: Not big enough.
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