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Re: What if the PTB had been paying attention?

The Doc is who they point to whenever someone starts whining about there being no men. To remember all the stuff that they don't miss about them.

Actually I don't know how we got rid of them all, I just wanted to all womanize the bridge crew and the cook. We can still have men on the ship, they just won't be very important.

At some point there will be a lower decks type episode in which after weeks of women captaining, piloting, science-ing, engineering and cooking we get to see what the men's lives are like. It will be all jocular and full of references to primitive combat games.

During the episode in order to help us relate to them one man will ask another, "have you noticed how your balls have started to firm up?" Of course it will be because of some space phenomenon that serves as the secondary story to the special men episode.

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